Meal Ideas?

I gave my personal trainer a meal/exercise plan I prepared and we talked about it this morning. (I LOVE her by the way - I had a lot of fun, I felt like I was exercising muscles I wouldn't exercise on my own, she totally tailored the workout to my needs, and she was really nice! :)) She liked what she saw on the plan, but thought I was including a bit too many refined carbs (I do love my white rice, white bread, pasta, etc).

This is what I had down for weekly dinners (Mon-Sat):




Baked potato

Eating out


Can anyone offer some suggestions? I'm going to be cooking, and it's going to be at 10pm at night, so I want something relatively easy, healthy, and without a big mess. (I have to admit, my favorite meals to "cook" involve me taking them out of the freezer and putting them in the oven, but I know I can do better than that ;)). I'll be cooking for M and I - the only thing he doesn't eat is tofu, and I'll eat pretty much anything. We're trying to cut back on the red meats.


Anonymous said...

Personal trainers are not qualified to give nutritional advice - in NY state, it's illegal (or whatever it's called when you violate the guidelines of your professional qualifications). All trainers will tell you to cut carbs. Every. Single. One. It's reasonable advice for men, but not us.

I used the services of a Registered Dietitian for a year, and, although she didn't phrase it this way, a good guideline for lunches and dinners is that 1/3 of calories come from complex carbs (rice, potato, pasta, etc).

Geez, I really have to get back within those guidelines...they worked SO well for me.

Sunflowers said...

She told me it's best to get my carbs from fruit, veggies, legumes, some whole grains, and cut back on the refined carbs. I think that's pretty solid advice (which can be found all over the internet). She also gave me a site that had some great recipes.

I looked at the ACE code of ethics, and other than the requirement to "refer clients to more qualified health or medical professionals when appropriate" there was no mention of dietary advice. Considering how little we talked about the meal portion of my plan, even if there was an obligation on her part to refrain from dispensing dietary advice, she wouldn't be in violation of it.

ashley said...

I agree with the trainer- going with more veggies as a side or brown rice & pasta instead of white is probably a really good idea. And it is really easy to cook vegetables, u can stir fry them or nuke them in the microwave-- both of which take no time at all.

Sunflowers said...

I'm going to get creative this week! :) And I'll make sure to include lots of veggies!

Canadian Saver said...

I was going to suggest stir frying too... lots of veggies and a bit of lean protein (shrimp, beef, chicken or pork, lots of options!) and try different sauces for a bit of variety...

Daniel Anthony said...

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