I was going through my posts from the past year, and decided to read my comments from April, the month I decided to move in with H.

Just wanted to officially point out to everyone that despite moving in with H two months after meeting him, I have proved that I'm not insane and I did not make a bad financial decision (I'm currently paying $877.50/mo less than I was living with my mother). I'm happy and feel extremely lucky.

Also, to the commenter who said that being financially insecure is what I get for not passing the bar and getting the "high paying lawyer job"? You clearly don't know a damn thing about the legal industry. I'm currently getting paid more than some of my former classmates. I could easily get a place on my own, and I could easily have gotten a place on my own last year. The only reason I decided to move into a place with my mother (where I PAID $6000 UP FRONT, while she paid nothing) was for the companionship.

I think I'm a fairly good judge of character; I felt a connection with H, and I trusted him. But yes, I was still taking a risk. I wouldn't recommend that other people do what I did. Regardless, the people who were really judgmental and basically telling me I was an idiot? I'm giving you the middle finger. And to the people that had some sensitivity and gave me constructive criticism? I appreciate it, despite not following your advice.

Valentine's Day for the Haters

So H has let it be known that he hates Valentine's Day. Apparently he had a lot of bad experiences as a kid that have shaped how he feels about it as an adult. I, on the other hand, have always been in love with V-Day, primarily thanks to my mom and experiences at school. I had so much fun handing out valentines to my classmates! And my mom always had chocolate and little presents waiting for me when I got home. (I already received my V-Day presents from her in the mail; a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecakes!) M spoiled me a bit for V-Day as well; I was given a painting done by him for our 1st, and a framed compilation of our best pictures for our last. I don't consider it a "girls' holiday." I gave M presents, I give my friends and family presents (even if it's a little box of chocolates). I believe in spreading love everyday, of course, but it's awesome having a special day devoted to it.

H doesn't agree. He says he feels it "cheapens" love and he hates the commercial aspect. Regardless, I had planned to buy him something I knew he really wanted, and I was looking at recipes to make a nice dinner (which is not something I do often). And then the other day he and our roommate went on a "let's bash V-Day" fest. He's said he wishes I didn't like Valentine's Day. I'm not expecting anything, although I admit I'm disappointed, because I put a lot of thought into his gift and the night in general.

I can't decide if I should (a) just scrap the idea of getting him anything and treat the day like any other, (b) spend the night out with friends, or (c) go all out, be selfless, get him the present and make the dinner, knowing there likely won't be reciprocation.

Have any of you ever changed someone's mind about V-Day?

Before 30 Goals

I mentioned that I wanted to save up $7,800... I currently have $4,000. I've budgeted for $50/mo to be put into savings. At that rate, it would take me six years to achieve my goal - ack!

I still have my Miu Miu and my old laptop to sell, among other things. I'd like to save up $3,800 in ONE AND A HALF years (by August 2013), and have 50% of my debt paid off by December 2013. Wish me luck!


H just paid me back, I made approximately $700 from my purse sales, and I'm getting a $400 tax refund!

So this is how my money situation is looking -

Checking - $700
Savings - $4000

My credit card debt is now standing at $20,259 (I've paid an additional $312 since my last update!), with the breakdown as follows:


Dept Stores

Dept Store MC

Capital One

I think I might bring the Bofa cards both down to 4500, but otherwise, I'm keeping my money in savings. I'd like to build that up to $7800 (3 months worth of living expenses), and then start aggressively tackling the cards.

Also, apparently I can't do math... I haven't paid 12.5% of my debt, I'm at 9.3%. :/ Still... progress!

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