Happy Holidays

I had a fantastic Christmas, hope those of you who celebrate did too! Generally, hope you all had a lovely holiday season! I'm looking forward to a four day weekend, and then settling back into a normal routine.

Thanks to an amazing Christmas and birthday present, I am now the proud owner of a MacBook. I'm debating whether to sell my approximately two year old Lenovo, or give it to my mom.

I'm starting bar study today! Wish me luck... The bar is in just under two months. Gulp.

H and I are going on 11 months now. He was hired at a REALLY great company, and will start in a few weeks. Hooray! Best Christmas present yet.

I'll post in the next week about my money situation. I've been supporting the two of us for the past couple months, so things have been tight, but I've been deliriously happy regardless.

Thanks to all my readers for sticking around!

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