Another life update

I've never gone this long without posting before! This blog feels like a stranger now. I think I'll familiarize myself again with it soon, once I feel settled... There's been a lot of uncertainty in my life lately.

I've been enjoying life, definitely. But plans are up in the air.

I've been with H (I can't remember why I dubbed him that, but I'll go with it) for about 4 months now (living with him for almost 2), and been at the new job for 3 1/2 months. The job is going well, but I don't get paid enough, and the benefits are terrible. I need a new one. I very much like being an editor; I'd like to stick with it, if possible. But there's next to nothing out there that's a perfect match for me. I'n going to keep trying.

The biggest uncertainty in my life right now is H. He's moving up north; his mom is buying him a house, but she would prefer he live up there. It's also the location he prefers for putting down roots. I may come with him. I may not. It depends on whether I could move my current job up there (we have an office in the city), or find another job. And it depends on how things continue to progress. And I would need an official invitation. Everything is going fantastically - but a few weeks ago, when I broached the subject, he said that level of commitment "terrified" him. Maybe his terror has subsided (now that I've met most of his family, his friends, and got the stamp of approval), but I'm kind of offended that the feeling existed in the first place.

I don't know when he's going to leave. He's been postponing going up north to look at houses, I suppose because he's enjoying spending time with me.

I'm getting our second bedroom ready to move in a housemate. That'll leave us both with more options, I think.

Finances-wise, I'm doing ok, but not throwing as much at my credit card debt as I'd like. I'm looking forward to selling off more purses/clothes/shoes on ebay - I've found myself caring very little about them lately. Moving twice since the beginning of the year has instilled a little bit of loathing in me over "stuff" in general.

Hope you're all doing well! (Early) Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. :)

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