January Goal Update

I got most of the month's goals accomplished. I still have quite a list left for the next 2 days though.

Two of the month long goals have seen neglect... I haven't been working on my story at all. :( Need to find the motivation for that. AND even more importantly, I need to 100% throw myself into my exercise routine.

Jan 29-Feb 1


  1. Check all cc accounts Nothing due til March
  2. Look into Bar Loan (Sallie Mae) Dad agreed to cosign... will have to apply for this soon.
  3. Take M's shirts back to Nordstrom; exchange blazer/pants at Macy's Finally M has a nice pair of pants and a blazer that fits!
  1. Do quiz and answer forum question for online class 11 weeks to go.
  2. Do Research Assignment and email to prof Took forever, but I'm done.
  1. Get hair done
  2. Check NY weather, and start packing for trip Packing's going well... and looks like it'll be from 32-38 (bearable, I think!)
  1. Make dr appointments: eye (for M)
  2. Do dishes One more lot, and then I'm done.

Epic Fail

In the past 9 days, I think... I've exercised about once. (cue the "FAILFAIL" blinking lights :p)

I'm going to try to do better this week. But since we're leaving for NYC in a couple days, I'm going to give myself some leeway and say that I absolutely MUST start the exercise schedule next Monday (the 8th). It's supposed to start raining again, so I'll just focus on the indoor activities.

I can do this!!

Getting a Handle on My Weight Loss

I haven't blogged about it too much here (that's what my other, mostly neglected blog is for), but I'm trying to lose 20 lbs by May, in time for my law school graduation.

I'm by no means obese, and I think I'm lucky in that the 20 lbs I've gained since starting law school have been kind of evenly distributed. My weight (now hovering around 155) is still within the "healthy" range for my height (almost 5'8). But I have a lot of clothes in my closet that are now uncomfortable or look funny. And I feel like I have a lot less energy than I used to.

Since late December, M and I have been playing tennis almost daily, and Dance Dance Revolution (click on the link to learn more about the game :)) on the days where tennis isn't an option. But since school started again, we've been exercising less and less. The first week I felt was justified - I needed to adjust to the new schedule. The second week was a little less justifiable. And this week it's been raining non-stop.

But really I shouldn't be making any excuses for my lack of exercise, if I want to reach my goal. My weight is still SLOWLY creeping downward, but I have to pick up the pace.

I'm officially joining Well-Heeled's 30 day Shred Challenge (I'm late, I know!). But I'm modifying it a bit. I read some of the reviews on Amazon about the DVD, and I'm not sure if my right knee (which is genetically weaker and has suffered some injuries) is up to doing it daily. I also am a little concerned with the 20 lbs in 30 days claim - how can that be healthy?! I want my weight loss to stick. I'll try it out 5 days a week, but will modify the exercises if I feel they're too hard on my knees. I'll also be playing tennis, DDR and yoga. I'll have one rest day (Wednesday), because I have school from 9am-10pm.

This is the breakdown:
Monday: 30 day Shred (morn), Tennis, sit-ups (night)
Tuesday: 30 day Shred (morn), DDR (night)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Yoga (morn), sit-ups, arm curls w/8 lb weights (night)
Friday: 30 day Shred (morn), DDR (night)
Saturday: 30 day Shred (morn), Tennis, sit-ups (night)
Sunday: 30 day Shred (morn), Tennis, sit-ups (night)

I'll start tomorrow, when my DVD and 5 lb weights arrive.

Good luck to everyone else who's been doing the challenge! :) And good luck to me! haha

Side Income

Since I can't work full-time until I graduate, I need to look for ways to earn income on the side.

Both Punch Debt in the Face and Small Steps for Big Change (and I'm sure other bloggers as well) have mentioned tutoring as their side job. I doubt my skills are particularly in demand. I almost completed a minor in Biology in undergrad; otherwise, science and math are not my thing. Linguistics and English were my forte. But I'll still take a look at tutor.com.

If nothing pans out there, I did have an idea for a side business. I have a couple friends who always come to me before they turn in their essays - they need a reliable proof-reader, and apparently I'm it. So I thought, why not try starting a proofreading business online? It's not a novel concept, but it could bring in some profit. I've already secured the domain name, and the webpage should be easy to create.

What other options are out there for a girl with a background in psychology and law?

Class Rearranging

This is my last semester of law school. I planned out my class schedule several months ago, but now, in the second week of school (and the last day we can add/drop), I'm reconsidering. I'm in one class that, though useful for the bar, causes me immense stress. And I'm asking myself - do I want to be that stressed out in my last semester?

Can any of the law grads out there tell me if their Corporations/Business Associations class was an essential part of their education? Or can I just learn it on my own, with my bar review course assisting?

I suppose if I drop it I'm kinda wimping out. But the lack of stress will give me more energy and make me less likely to get sick! :)

Lack of Frugality Bites Me in the Butt

M doesn't like jewelry, especially rings. Particularly diamond rings, which he claims he "hates." For past anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's he's bought me tons of electronics (and 2 necklaces, which he minds less). I accepted the fact that he would likely never buy me a ring. So, a couple weeks ago I set out to find one for myself (I deserve it, I thought). I did, and it was lovely, with little diamonds in a flower shape and an onyx band encircling.

It arrived yesterday, and I casually showed it to him last night. I could tell he was instantly dismayed. But I was shocked when he said, "why did you buy that? I was going to buy you one for Valentine's! I was excited about it." I told him I would just return it and he continued, "no, now the surprise is ruined!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is reason 42743 why I should stop shopping.


January Goals

So I didn't get hardly any of my goals completed before school started... The time flew by! So now I'm going to leisurely take care of things this month. :)

All month

  1. Continue exercising daily: tennis, ddr, gym or yoga
  2. Continue doing sit-ups for 10 mins/day and 8 lb weights for 10 mins/day
  3. Continue eating healthier
  4. Continue writing my fiction novel
  5. Continue keeping the house clean and smelling good
Jan 9-10
  1. Finish watching the final 5 eps of Mad Men, season 3 It was soo good!
  2. Finish The Book on Writing Very useful book. I put a hard copy on my wish list (so I have something to highlight and tab!)
  3. Clean out closet Took forever, but it's done! :)
  4. Read last week's assignment; answer question for online class About 14 weeks (and assignments) to go!
Jan 15-18 (Mon holiday)
  1. Go to bank and make deposits Into our joint account it goes.
  2. Buy full-length mirror And M mounted it on the door :)
  3. Pick up prescription As usual, it took forever... but at least I don't have to go back for 3 months!
  4. Read last week's assignment for online class; do quiz; answer question (complete no later than midnight on Sunday) 13 weeks to go!
  5. Wash bed sheets Once the duvet cover dries, back on the bed they go! Ahh, I love sleeping on clean sheets. :)
Jan 22-25
  1. Do quiz and answer forum questions for online class 12 weeks to go...
  2. Do dishes
  3. Read at least 1 fiction book Finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella! An entertaining, fast read...
  4. Book restaurant for NY Went with a casual Cuban place in the theater district
  5. Choose paper topic for online class; write 1 pg synopsis (due by 1/28 @ midnight) Hopefully I won't have to choose something else...
  6. Make returns Had way too many...
  7. Donate clothes/shoes Need to look through M's shirts as well...
Jan 29-Feb 1
  1. Put rent check in box
  2. Revise paper topic proposal
  3. Do quiz and answer forum question for online class
  4. Read NY guidebook
  5. Do Research Assignment and email to prof
  6. Optimize Google Adsense
  7. File receipts/docs that have piled up in the bedroom
  8. Get nails done
  9. Get hair done
  10. Check NY weather, and start packing for trip
  11. Make new cd for car
  12. Make dr appointments: derm, gyno, eye (for M)
  13. Work on proofreader site (get dreamweaver?)
  14. Sell all old law books
  15. Sell some purses


My loan funds should arrive this Friday, and they'll total $11,500. I currently have $700 in my checking account. So that gives me a total of $12,200 to work with.

I have three fixed monthly expenses:

Rent - $615
CCs - $480 (this is paying a little over the minimum on all credit cards)
Cells - $130
= $1225/mo

I need my money to last from now until the end of August (7 months), because I take the bar at the end of July, and won't be able to work until sometime after it.

1225 x 7 = 8575

Variable expenses:

Gas - $50
Food - $50
= $100/mo which is an extra $700

$8575 + 700 = 9275

$12,200 - 9275 = $2925

That gives me just enough left over to cover my bar prep course, and to give M one last $700 loan payment (he said I could stop until after I graduate and get a job) OR put it towards one of the credit cards.

It's going to be really tight until August... and I better have found a job by then, otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do (other than run begging to the parents!).

Goals Progress

I have until Tuesday, January 5th (3 days) to complete these!

  1. Continue playing tennis, or going to the gym or yoga daily
  2. Continue doing sit-ups for 10 mins/day and 8 lb weights for 10 mins/day
  3. Continue eating healthier
  4. Start buying books
  5. Sell all old law books
  6. Sell purses
  7. Read 2 fiction books - 1 down (Sharp Objects), 1 to go
  8. Finish The Book on Writing
  9. Continue writing my fiction novel (or short story... whatever it is, I'm having fun :))
  10. Continue keeping the house clean and smelling good
  11. File receipts/docs that have piled up in the bedroom
  12. Clean out closet
  13. Finish watching the final 5 eps of Mad Men, season 3
  14. Make new CD for car
  15. Wash bed sheets

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