Class Rearranging

This is my last semester of law school. I planned out my class schedule several months ago, but now, in the second week of school (and the last day we can add/drop), I'm reconsidering. I'm in one class that, though useful for the bar, causes me immense stress. And I'm asking myself - do I want to be that stressed out in my last semester?

Can any of the law grads out there tell me if their Corporations/Business Associations class was an essential part of their education? Or can I just learn it on my own, with my bar review course assisting?

I suppose if I drop it I'm kinda wimping out. But the lack of stress will give me more energy and make me less likely to get sick! :)


Jessica said...

BA/Agency & Partnerships are essay questions on my state's bar exam.

I took a BA class that also covered quite a bit of agency/partnership law as well. It was immensely helpful during bar review. Even though I'd taken the class 2L fall it helped so much that I already knew the lingo and didn't have quite as far to go to learn the material as many of my classmates who did not take the class.

Mike said...

I know its usually a big part on our state bar exam. I haven't taken the bar yet so I can't vouch for how much it helped. I had a business background and found the class pretty easy, that may be something you want to look for if you study with others.

Shtinkykat said...

I frankly felt that what I learned in the bar prep course was far more useful than what I learned in law school, but only for the purpose of passing the bar. If you think that the class will be useful in your future practice, I think you should take it. But if all you're thinking about is passing the bar, skip it and pick a class that will suit your career.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks everyone. I did decide to drop it. And I'm MUCH happier now. And it gives me the ability to work 3 days a week (if I can find a job), which is much more important than taking this (or any) class.

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