Vacation Time!

I feel totally rundown from training the new guy for the past week... I have a bit of a groggy throat, but I'm really, really hoping I'm not coming down with anything. I'm going to spend some time resting and reading today, but then have a ton of stuff on my to-do list... We have a wedding this weekend, and friends coming to stay with us. And I need to get myself mentally and physically prepared for the new job! Less than a week to go.

1) Finish The Hunger Games. Done! Try to find time to read something else too, maybe at the beach.
2) Get some tanning in at the beach.
3) Buy some new work clothes (unfortunately, everyone at my new job is very smartly dressed... I'll need at least one suit and one blouse. Looking for these at bargain prices!)
4) Clean the house.
5) Organize the closet/bookcase/bedroom.
6) Sell and/or return anything I can.
7) Do all the laundry.
8) Get eyebrows done. Done!
9) Get a pedicure. Done!
10) Get a haircut.


for the comments. I've decided to take down the post.

I did want to address one of the comments (fyi, I have them hidden). Someone said I'm "not getting any younger." I have a couple years to go before I hit 30. I'm not old. Even if this relationship doesn't go anywhere, I'll still be happy it existed. I don't consider any relationship I've been in "a waste of time." That would be a sad way to live your life.

New Job!

I went with option #1 from my previous post. Just to clarify, this is a job in the legal industry. The majority of my co-workers are lawyers. It's just not a job at a law firm.

I negotiated for the first time in regards to my salary. They really lowballed me initially, but I don't think it was intentional, I think it was them being scatterbrained.

I'll be getting:

  • $6k more (which translates to approximately $280/mo)
  • Commission
  • Fully paid health benefits
  • 401k with matching
  • 4 weeks PTO
I'll be back in a skyscraper. I'll have to start dressing in suits again. I like the owners, but I'm not sure about some of my other co-workers.

To be totally honest? I'm scared and a little sad. I've bitched and moaned about my current job, but I have really lovely co-workers, and I'll miss them. Also, I knew my job like the back of my hand. That's all about to change.

As far as taking the bar... I haven't decided yet. I'll make up my mind in the next week.

But for right now - I'm breaking out the champagne. :)

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