Debt Update

I updated my sidebar and my complete debt disclosure page. I've paid off slightly over 12% of my credit card debt!! Not very impressive for a year's time, but better than adding to my debt (especially considering I've been supporting another person for five months)! :)

Spending (Food)

I'm going to start keeping track of my food spending... that's the area where things really get out of control.

January 1-15

Groceries $134.56 (out of $200)
Eating out $118.85 (out of $100)
Lunch at work $3.50 (out of $70)

So... no more eating out, and $46.59 left for food for the rest of the month. If I eat Subway everyday for the next month, I'll still have $17 leftover (so I can get one or two Starbucks or nicer lunches. Yay!)

Can't wait til H gets his first paycheck and can start paying the other half of the food budget!!

Goodbye Purse Collection

I am selling off (the majority of) my purse collection! I have a coral red Miu Miu, a yellow Botkier, an orange Linea Pelle, a blue Rebecca Minkoff, a black Rafe clutch, and 2 Tylie Malibus for sale! Whew. eBay's today-only special offer (no listing fees) was what convinced me it was time to get it done. I need to pay off this debt! And get money into savings!

Let me know if any of you are in the market for a purse! Everything's going for a great price. :)

New Budget

Check out the "My Budget" tab for my updated budget. It might not look ideal to you guys, but after 5 months of paying through the nose for both H and I, it made me sigh in relief to finally be in the black (though admittedly not by much). As an aside, the "haircut" category can really be regarded as "savings"... I haven't gotten my hair cut in a year, and I'll continue to go as long as I can without.

H will also be paying me back for the rent/utilities I've covered for the past 5 months, approximately $3400. Some of that will go into savings and some will go towards the credit cards.

After the bar's over, I may think about getting a second job. I want that credit card debt gone by the time I'm 30 (2 years to go!).

Happy New Year!

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity - a huge break-up, a new love, a new job, two moves...

I haven't made any resolutions for 2012, though my goals this year are to exercise more, pass the bar, and get a higher-paying job!

Here's to a (happier, healthier) fantastic new year! :)

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