2 Year Blog Anniversary

It's been 2 years since I started writing this blog. A lot has changed, and a lot has remained the same. I'm still in debt, for one. But at least I've graduated from law school and taken the bar! So now I have a chance to really focus on tackling that debt. :)

Thanks to everyone who's been reading and providing encouragement and support over the years! Much love to you all!

Updated My Sidebars

Yup, that day has finally come.

  • Total Debt owed to credit cards: $22,355
Total min credit card payments per month: $600
  • Total Debt owed to boyfriend: $24,754
  • Total Debt = $47,109 (the number on the sidebar doesn't reflect the $5600 I've paid to my bf)

The number scares me, but not as much as that number plus my student loans. I'll add that to the sidebar when I'm ready, but I'm not sure when that will be. I start paying 1 loan next month, and the rest of the loans in December. The payments will be more than the total rent M and I pay per month. I'm trying not to shudder.

The job hunt has started today. It's dismal out there, but I'm trying to think positive. I WILL find something, and something good! :)

Byebye Bar!

3 days, 2 performance tests, 6 essays, and 200 MBE questions later... I'm free! (Well. At least for now. I don't find out my results for 4 months! And then I wouldn't retake the bar until February... but I'm trying to think positive)

So Day 2 was all multiple choice questions (this portion is called the MBE or multistate bar examination). 100 questions over 3 hours in the morning, and 100 over 3 hours in the afternoon. I finished 1 hour early in both sessions. The people next to me were really freaked out that I finished so early. I'm a fast reader, and I don't like to second-guess myself. I will flag some questions to return to, but that didn't really happen here. There were TONS I had to guess on. I narrowed it down to 2 answers, and then just took the plunge. It wouldn't have helped to stare at it for another hour. I heard a lot of people thought it was hard, so that's good... I'm glad I'm not alone.

Today, day 3, was another essay/performance test day. 3 essays over 3 hours in the morning, and a performance test over 3 hours in the afternoon. The essays were Corporations, Criminal Procedure and Marital Property (I hope I'm remembering that correctly). I felt ok on the first essay, but things went downhill from there. It was SO hard to keep my eyes open. I can't remember what I wrote, but I'm not sure it was that coherent. During lunch I had to go to my car and sleep. I felt like a truck had run me over.

The performance test though... I think I killed it. :) I was grinning at the end. Good times. I don't know if two performance tests can save me though...

Anyway. I feel pretty drained and not completely sure what to do with myself. I'm too overtired to sleep. I'm too lazy to take a shower. Maybe I'll just play Starcraft. (nerdiness, FTW! ;)) Or eat cookies. Where are the cookies when you really need them...?

Bar Exam, Day 1

I woke up at 6am today. Actually, I woke up at 4, and 5, and 5:30... and then finally 6. :p I kept freaking out, thinking my alarm hadn't gone off. (which was silly, since I'd set 2!) I felt ok when I got to the test center, but an hour and a half in and I started to fall asleep!! I ate an energy bar before I went in, but I think I need to get a black tea on top of it (I'm not into coffee).

From 9-12, it was 3 essays - first Torts, then Ethical Lawyering, then Evidence. I couldn't remember most of the rules, so this was mostly me spouting BS. :P I ran out of things to write after 2 hours. And then the third hour was just me fighting to stay awake.

From 2-5, it was the performance exam - we had to write a brief, and it was regarding an injunction for a structure being erected in a neighborhood that violated a covenant. I felt SO good about this. I even thought it was kind of fun! But maybe everyone else thought it was as easy as I did...

So there's my little recap, for posterity's sake. :) I made a friend today too, very randomly. Not a bad day. But now I just really need a hot shower and a little nap... or maybe a long one...

Bar Week

For the next three days, I'll be taking the bar exam. I don't feel very confident; I'll readily admit I didn't study enough.

But I won't find out whether I passed or not for another two FOUR! months, so I'm just going to push thoughts about it aside for now. I'm going to get through these three days, I'm going to take the weekend off, and then I'm going to immediately start looking for a job.

Wish me luck!! :)

Sorry for the absence...

It's hard to find things to write about when you're jobless and mainly studying!

I have been updating daily on my fitness blog and (on the days I'm not wearing workout clothes) on my style blog. But it's easy to just post photos of my outfits or to track what I'm eating. :p

We've started ordering dinner from a food service a couple nights a week, which is much cheaper, and much healthier than getting delivery or eating out. We've only been doing it for a week, so I'll wait a little while longer before I write a full post about it.

Less than 2 weeks until the bar... We'll see how it goes. I'll start looking for a job the second it's over!

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