A New Job

I interviewed for a new job on Monday... and was hired by the end of the day. The pay is crap, but the title is fairly prestigious, and I'll get a lot of networking opportunities. I still have my other (work-from-home) job too.

My monthly income will be dependent on how much work I put into my 2nd job, but I should be bringing home approximately $3800.

I still have $10k in my savings that I haven't decided what to do with... shall I leave it in savings, or throw it at my credit cards?

I need to get through the week, and then I'll prepare a real budget again.

March Goals

I can't believe it's already March. How quickly time flies! I met a new guy a week ago, and although I haven't been especially productive work and goal-wise, I've been having a blast. ;)

  1. Get a pedicure
  2. Call CC companies re: getting interest rates reduced
  3. List Miu Miu on eBay
  4. Do 40 hrs/wk of work
  5. Go to Hip Hop class at least once
  6. Go to Yoga at least 4x
  7. Go to the dentist for teeth cleaning
  8. Go to Meetup events (hiking, board games)
  9. Find a second (full-time) job

Welcome new sponsor!

Welcome to my new sponsor, CareOne! Their company offers debt consolidation options, including a debt management plan and settlement. They also have helpful tools and tips on their site, as well as a community forum! Thanks for the sponsorship, CareOne. :)

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