March Goals

I can't believe it's already March. How quickly time flies! I met a new guy a week ago, and although I haven't been especially productive work and goal-wise, I've been having a blast. ;)

  1. Get a pedicure
  2. Call CC companies re: getting interest rates reduced
  3. List Miu Miu on eBay
  4. Do 40 hrs/wk of work
  5. Go to Hip Hop class at least once
  6. Go to Yoga at least 4x
  7. Go to the dentist for teeth cleaning
  8. Go to Meetup events (hiking, board games)
  9. Find a second (full-time) job


Anonymous said...

Book club? :)

Glad you met someone new and are having fun!

Nd.chic said...

A new boy? That sounds like fun.

Sunflowers said...

@SP: I need to go to book club!! When is it this month?

@ND Chic's Cents: Yes... It's been an intense two weeks. Been seeing him nearly non-stop!

Anonymous said...

next week already. I'm hoping to finish the book so i can go!

House Queen said...

So glad to have found you blog! I am intrigued! We are trying to get out of debt as well! It is a constant struggle! I look forward to reading more and gaining tips! I am now following and would love for you to visit and follow me as well! Have a wonderful day!!

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