My loan funds should arrive this Friday, and they'll total $11,500. I currently have $700 in my checking account. So that gives me a total of $12,200 to work with.

I have three fixed monthly expenses:

Rent - $615
CCs - $480 (this is paying a little over the minimum on all credit cards)
Cells - $130
= $1225/mo

I need my money to last from now until the end of August (7 months), because I take the bar at the end of July, and won't be able to work until sometime after it.

1225 x 7 = 8575

Variable expenses:

Gas - $50
Food - $50
= $100/mo which is an extra $700

$8575 + 700 = 9275

$12,200 - 9275 = $2925

That gives me just enough left over to cover my bar prep course, and to give M one last $700 loan payment (he said I could stop until after I graduate and get a job) OR put it towards one of the credit cards.

It's going to be really tight until August... and I better have found a job by then, otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do (other than run begging to the parents!).


smart sorority girl said...

Good luck with your budget and I hope that you accomplish all of your goals for the month! I'm so tempted to ask what your seller id is for ebay to see what you're selling...but then I'd probably end up buying stuff. :-)

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! :)

I haven't actually listed anything on ebay yet... but you can email me at debtchronicles @ hotmail (dot) com and I can tell you what I'm planning to list. ;)

Revanche said...

I'm glad you've got it mapped out as far as you could go: that makes it very clear when and where you'll have trouble spots.

That's a tight timeline you've got post-bar and pre-broke!

Sunflowers said...

@Revanche: Yeah, I know. :\ Well, maybe I'll get lucky with the graduation presents... and I can survive a little longer <.<;

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