Update on May Goals

  • Go to gym at least 2x/week
  • Go to yoga 2x/week
  • Meet with personal trainer weekly - 3 weeks down, 1 to go
  • Orthodontist appt (5/5)
  • Dentist appt (5/11) - filling
  • Orthodontist appt (5/12) - molds
  • Orthodontist appt (5/27) - braces off!!!
  • Schedule appointment w/gyno
  • Buy plane tickets to Arizona (for wedding #1)
  • Buy plane tickets to England (for wedding #2 -- hopefully my ebay sales will fund this; otherwise will have to borrow from M again... sigh)
  • Put purses/clothes up for sale on ebay
  • Put furniture up for sale on Craig's List
  • Go to amusement park (5/15)
  • Go to spa (5/24)
  • Get oil change; yearly maintenance; wash (5/9)
  • Get refund from laser hair removal place (5/29)
  • Go to 2nd laser hair removal appt (5/29)
  • Find an apartment!
  • Evaluate if anything in the house needs to be thrown out/donated
  • Plan out class schedule for entire year
  • Buy summer school books (once I figure out my classes)
Special Occasions
  • Figure out what to do for Mother's Day
  • B-day present for sister - Xbox 360 :)
  • B-day present for friend - part of spa treatment & dinner
  • Figure out what to get for M and my dad - both of their b-days are the first week of June


Canadian Saver said...

I love how you have everything in separate categories!

Good luck with the rest of the things on your list :-)

Sunflowers said...

Thank you! :)

Little Miss Moneybags said...

Did I miss something about the laser hair removal? Did you find a second place for cheaper?

Sunflowers said...

@Little Miss Moneybags - I bought 5 treatments for underarms and bikini (because they were both 50% off), but then I changed my mind on the underarms. Thought it would be best to see how well the bikini treatment worked before doing anything else!

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