Real Credit Score

I bought my score from Equifax a few minutes ago. Here's how it stacks up against Credit Karma's version -

Credit Karma: 728
Equifax: 702
Difference: -26 pts

According to Equifax, I have "good" credit. Good amount of debt and credit history, very good payment history, and not good amount of new credit. I'm not sure when new credit stops being "new" - I opened my last card 7 months ago.

Anyway, it's a little discouraging to see that it's lower, but at least I am truly above 700. :) And I know it'll continue to increase with time!


ashley said...

congrats!! stay positive, anywhere over 700 is a really good place to be!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks!! :) Yeah, it's A LOT better than it was before! And I know it'll keep improving with time...

Jake from Debt Sucks said...

Note that Credit Karma is a Transunion product, not an Equifax product ;-)

Sunflowers said...

@Jake: Well aware. But I've never seen a *26 point* difference between the different credit agencies - or more than a 10 point difference for that matter. I'm sure the score isn't accurate, even for transunion.

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