My Current Situation

I was asked by a commenter to share my current budget. As some of you may know, I don't really have one right now. I'll expand on that below.

The same person also left a comment on my outfit blog insinuating that I was "not on board with becoming debt-free" (if my clothes were new, as she seems to suspect they are). I responded there, but I'll restate it here: the blog's title is Shopping My Closet. The point was to do just that - shop my closet, aka assemble outfits from clothes that I currently own. That said, I do still buy clothes now and again, with my own cash (i.e. when I return/sell an older item).

On to my lack of a budget. I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again. I'm with a really great guy (aka M). He has zero debt, he makes a lot of money, and he has a lot of savings. We've been together a long time, and half of that time saw us splitting all expenses down the middle. I quit my full-time job about 2 years ago to focus on school, and he started paying for all our food expenses. I graduated from law school earlier this year, couldn't find a job, and ran out of loan funds. Since then, approximately 5 months ago, he's been paying for our rent, our food, and giving me $1200 a month to use on whatever I deem necessary. If I have a particularly large expense that causes me to run out of money, he gives me more. I make minimum payments on all my credit cards, I go out to eat with my mom and my friends, I pay for medical bills, medication, gas, what have you. Yeah, that's right, I'm only making minimum payments on my credit cards. And I go out to eat with friends and family.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to be debt-free.

It means that at this point in time, my debt problems are on the back burner. My goals right now are to pass the bar and to improve my health and happiness. M is completely supportive of those goals and the way I've been using his money.

As for my new job (or ebay sales), most of that money will be going into my emergency fund. I won't be throwing any money at my debt until I get a full-time job again. If someone has a problem with that, then please stop reading. :)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic and good for you. Wish I had a rich boyfriend. You must be super hot to get that sort of attention.

Heather said...

Good for you, but for real and not snidely, like some OTHER comments I may know.** Personal finance is personal for a reason, and while you are fortunate you have support while you pursue your goals, there's nothing that says you don't deserve that good fortune.

**Unless that's actually a friend and the comment is meant to be funny.

Anonymous said...

So, so, so tired of people insinuating that if you're in debt you shouldn't buy anything. Jeff over at Sustainable Life Blog got a similar comment (though much harsher, in my opinion) when he wrote about paying $100 for three pairs of blue jeans. Because the ones he wore to work had holes in them. Heaven forbid us debtors need to buy clothes now and again or eat or enjoy ourselves. Why don't they just lock us all up in a prison and be done with it? Then they can decide what food we're allowed to eat, when we're allowed to replace or repair clothing, etc.

Can you tell I'm tired of the judgment? ;)

Sarah said...

Who cares if you decide to take 2 years or 10 years to get out of debt!!! The fact is that one day you will. Frankly that's better then most who just stick there head in the sand. At least you know you have to do something about it!!!

Man ppl need to get over themselves this is your personal bog and your pf path thus you get to make the rules!!!

Anonymous said...

way to stand up for yourself! Once you are able to pass the bar and get full time work, it will be far easier for you to focus on your debt.

Some people take a different path, and that's ok, but they don't have a right to come by and bash you for your choices

Sallie's Niece said...

Amen sister. Seriously anytime I mention buying stuff for myself a anonymous commenter comes out of the woodwork to remind me of my student loan debt - even though that's not my number one financial priority right now and frankly it's not their life. Even if I doubled my student loan payments it would take me a good five years to get out of debt. I'm pretty sure I still have to shop before then. I like "shopping your closet" too!

Anonymous said...

The comment I made wasn't meant to be harsh. I just was curious at your budgeting. I'm not at all saying that you can't buy anything if you're in debt. In my opinion you should minimize purchases until you have a handle on finances. That obviously doesn't have a cookie cutter shape as to what that looks like. It's all totally up to you, of course. I was just trying to figure out if these were wise decisions to buy designer things ( obviously not all) with trying to get a handle on your debt. I just was curious at your situation. I haven't been reading long.

Sunflowers said...

LOL @ Enza. :P I relayed your comment to M, and he said "yeah, you're hot!" haha. Let me point out that he wasn't "rich" when I met him... He was in college and unable to get a job b/c he didn't have a green card. But he's very ambitious and talented, and that's how he got where he is today. Two of the many traits I admire about him.

@agirlwriting: Yeah, I don't buy Jimmy Choos anymore. ;p Your comments did make me bristle a bit, maybe more than they should have. No hard feelings.

@everyone else: Thanks for your comments/support ladies!!!

ashley said...

You know, it's hard not to be upset when people make such mean comments, but really... who wants to be debt free and unhappy? And at least you are grateful to M and he is willing to help you get on the right track! It's not like you're doing NOTHING. Keep on truckin' :)

jpkittie said...

Good for you! you gotta do what is best for you! happiness is definatley first ;)

me in millions said...

You're lucky you have such a caring and financially sercure bf. I'd love to hear about how you guys worked out this financial deal and how it effects your relationship.

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