Even Better

I found out I'm not considered an independent contractor at work; I'm a temporary part-time employee. So they deduct taxes, and I don't have to worry about whether or not to pay the city's business tax. It doesn't make that much of a difference, but I'm still kind of pleased about it.

My first paycheck was about $371 (for about 40 hours of work)... $170ish will be going towards my share of M's last Christmas present (his dad, stepmom and I are splitting the cost of the new Google phone). I think I'll put $100 in my emergency fund.

I should get about $730 on the 31st. Paychecks beyond that will be less, because I'm cutting back my hours to coincide with bar study (which actually starts today... but I'm going to try to still work 40 hrs next week). I'll figure out next week approximately how much I should be making over the next couple months, and how much I can sock away.

Hooray for monies. :)


ashley said...

Sounds great, it is always so great to get a paycheck! :)

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing your current budget?

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