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I mentioned before that our apartment complex installed gates and were only allowing landlines to be connected to the intercom. We, like most people, don't have a landline. So we questioned the rule repeatedly, and ultimately asked to either be allowed to use a cell phone or be reimbursed $21/month (which is the cheapest home phone service I could find). We received a response a couple days ago - an unfavorable one. I talked to M and we decided reluctantly to go ahead and get a landline.

I wasn't happy with the $21/month offered by Verizon. (And it was actually more like $39 if I had gotten an unlisted number, caller ID, and service that wasn't pay-per-minute) I tried to negotiate with them but didn't get very far. So I tried our internet service provider. They were offering digital phone only for something like $44 a month online. I first tried an online chat. The rep informed me that she couldn't authorize any discounts, so I had to call in. (what's with that?) Over the phone, the rep quoted me $80/mo for internet plus phone. I told her I was considering going with Verizon, and emphasized that we had been loyal customers for several years. I asked if $80 was really the best deal she could offer me. She agreed to look into it.

What she ended up doing was giving me a better deal on internet, so the total package came to $70/mo. We were paying about $58 just for internet, so that makes the phone $11. That price includes unlimited calling in California and caller ID.

I'm kind of pleased about the whole thing now, because, truth be told, I get terrible reception in our apartment. I'll wait to make calls until I'm at the gym or grocery store so I don't have to deal with people constantly telling me "you're cutting out." Since M's reception is crystal clear, it wasn't worth paying $30+/mo, but for $11? Yeah. It'll make my life a little easier. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to find a cheaper option! Your apartment guys still suck though.

If I couldn't get reception at home, I don't know if I'd even have a cell phone. I mean, at work, I can chat with people on the work phone. If I can't chat at home, there wouldn't be a point to it. Hm... (Translation: I wish I lived in a place like that so I could get rid of my phone! ;))

Allie said...

I think it is important for everyone to have a landline phone. During September 11th I learned the hard way that cell phone towers can get clogged up and you will not be able to make phone calls. 9 times out of 10 your landline will always work.

TJ said...

I still highly disagree they should be able to force you guys to get a landline over something that wasn't on your contract and not even agree to work out some sort of deal. That just totally rubs me the wrong way. But I'm glad you were able to find it cheaper.

As for a land-line... I agree to some extent with Allie, but the argument makes the landline sound more like a sort of insurance (pay for years to have nothing happen, but when it does happen, you do have it) than what it was originally intended.

With cell phone's unlimited calling and other features, I personally prefer a cell phone over a landline+cell. Guess it comes down to personal preference.

DogAteMyFinances said...

Huh? You got a voip phone? Why not get an OOMA phone? I love mine.

MsCFaith said...

That's good news! :-)I'm glad that woman was able to help you out. You know, I also hate it when the line gets cut off and I'm talking to someone with something really important.

That was a great deal, BTW, the internet plus the phone.


Sunflowers said...

@Allie: Never have needed a landline. But I understand your point.

@TJ: I would've argued it further if I felt we had legal ground to stand on. We get a key to the front gate regardless. We could have told guests to call our cells. It would just have been really inconvenient with deliveries. I do prefer a cell phone only. And we'll switch back to that as soon as we move out of this place next year.

@Dog: Why would I spent $200+ on the OOMA device? The cost for what we're getting is a flat $11/mo (they waived installation). And we don't intend to continue it after we move out next summer.

@MsCFaith: Yeah, my phone likes to drop calls/cut out at the most annoying times... So at least that won't be a problem anymore :)

ashley said...

Good job negotiating! This is one skill I lack that I definitely need to learn.

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