Bar Prep

Just paid for my bar preparation class this morning, in full. $2000 went on a credit card, and $300 and some change came out of my bank account. Had I gone with Barbri, it would've cost me $1000 more. The program I went with is new... though the company itself has been around a long time. I think I feel ok about it. I wish I could've gone without a class entirely, but I don't think it would've been smart to try to study on my own. Some people can do it with no problem, but I'm a procrastinator.

If all goes well, the first installment of my $13k bar loan should arrive in a few weeks. I'm debating whether or not to pay the $2000 off outright. It might not be possible. I need this money to stretch from now until early August. That's the soonest I can start working. And honestly, I can't WAIT. I'm so sick of school. I just want to be out there making money again.


FB @ said...

Once you are out there, there'll be no stopping you!

Serendipity said...

I'm with FB. Your gonna be on fire!

paranoidasteroid said...

Ack, I can't imagine shelling out that much money at once. However, in this case I think it's definitely worth it.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks for the support, ladies!! :D

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