Moving into M's parents' house is no longer an option. His dad found a contractor who said they could start construction in 4 months and be completely done in 9. So we'd have to be out in 4 months. We figured it wouldn't be worth it.

The two options open to us now are staying in this apartment and moving out. If we stay here, I was considering asking the landlord to lower our rent to $1150 (a savings of $75/mo). There are tons of 'for rent' signs in this area (in our building alone there are 2 units; both of which have been on the market for months). My assumption is that she wouldn't agree, but might come back with a counteroffer of $1200 (a $25 savings).

If we moved out, we could likely get a place for our current rent or cheaper, and maybe with some extra perks. There's an apartment I'm looking at today that is $30 cheaper, gated, a mile closer to M's work, allows pets, and has a pool! The only downside is that they're looking for someone now, and our lease doesn't expire until the end of June. If we move at all, I would actually prefer to do it now or in late May, because it'll just be too stressful the closer I get to the bar. But considering our building still has 2 empty units, what are the chances of finding someone to assume our lease? Then we'd get stuck still paying 2 months of rent here!

I really want a puppy, but maybe it'd be best, financially, to put that off for another year. Our current place doesn't allow pets, so that was one of my motivators. They're also building a huge skate park across the street, and we're wary of the number of kids that will be drawn to it. We had our bikes stolen last year, and people routinely walk through the complex and check out the trash can. Are we going to have more of that kind of stuff happening, but worse? On the upside, our neighbors here are really nice (though the unit next to us is empty, so we might be stuck with someone nasty). We're settled here; we finally put pictures up on the wall, organized everything. It won't be fun to get this right all over again.

Needless to say, I'm conflicted. What do you guys think is the right move?


Crystal said...

I would definitely ask if there's any way your rent could be lowered, like you mentioned. If your landlord says no, counter about your concerns (i.e., safety, recent thefts, suspicious people walking through, etc.). If she doesn't budge would June be too far off to wait for? Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of negotiating for lower rent...and keeping your eye open for better deals. Eventually something will happen in your favor.

eemusings said...

Hmmm. Choices, choices - I'd ask your LL first and see what they come back with. If you did get a puppy what would that mean for your long-term prospects - most LLs don't allow pets?

Midwest Chick said...

I would try for cheaper rent at your current location first. I asked my apartment complex this month if they would lower my rent if I renewed my lease. They said they would by $100 a month. I did look for other places in the area, but decided to stay since they lowered my rent. Moving is a pain!

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