Take-home Midterm

I've been in law school nearly 4 years, and I'm currently working on the first take-home midterm I've ever been assigned. Writing papers is one of the few things I've enjoyed and excelled at in law school. But this take-home assignment is different. In the instructions, the professor suggested that we don't go beyond 30 pages. 30 pages?! In one week? In an area of law and in a format that's entirely new?!

So yeah... I'm freaking out a bit. I also had the MPRE and a school event over the weekend, and doctors' appointments yesterday, so I'm only really sitting down and starting on this now.

I have until Friday night. Wish me luck! ;)


Sallie's Niece said...

I never had a take home in law school but they were killer in college. Good luck!

ashley said...

Good luck!!

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