Missing M... and my W-2

M has been gone for a few days to a work conference... and I'm missing him like crazy! It's his first time going on a trip without me. I would've tagged along, but my midterm got in the way. Boo! Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder... right? ;)

I'm going to spend the weekend organizing and cleaning the apartment. Our place is in desperate need of spring cleaning, and in a way I'm glad M isn't around... because he'd just convince me the place was fine and to play games with him. :P

Tomorrow I'm aiming to assess my finances, and FINALLY update my side bars.

I am hoping against hope that my W-2 will arrive today, so I can finally do my taxes. It's driving me crazy. I usually get them done at the end of January! I've called HR three times now, and each time they've assured me it's on its way. W.T.F. I seriously don't understand what the problem is. What am I going to do if months go by and I still haven't received it? My work's HR is in a different state... I can do nothing other than call. :(


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