Hypothyroidism, take 2

The results of my 2nd blood test came back (partially). My TSH level was over 9. Previously my level was a little over 6. My doctor said it was fine to try diet and exercise, but it was clear that she preferred I go on medication. I agreed to let her write me a prescription - she set it at 50 mcg.

I did some more research on it when I got home. Apparently, there's a lot of controversy over whether to treat people who have a TSH level between 5-10. I have what's called "subclinical hypothyroidism." It may morph into hypothyroidism later on, and it may not.

I've become hyper aware of my symptoms lately. I've always complained of tiredness, but now I feel especially tired, I feel like I have digestion problems, I have random aches, etc. But they're all relatively minor things. Is the medication really going to make them go away? And more importantly, do I really need medication?

I'm going to set up an appointment with an endocrinologist tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll do more exploring and rule out Hashimoto's disease and pituitary gland problems, and just generally provide more insight. I'm a (relatively) healthy 26 year old. My weight is normal. Yes, I have high levels of stress. Is that really the cause of this??


Anonymous said...

First, I feel for you. I, too, have a thyroid issue, though I don't have a "diagnosis" per se. High levels of stress led to me having high levels of cortisol and that affected my body's production of reverse T3 (RT3), which blocks the T3 receptors. You might want to ask your dr to order a reverse T3 test. Just something to look into.
Thankfully, mine will likely be cleared up w/ the meds I'm on now, w/in a few months. I do already feel much better.
Best of luck! I hope you get to the bottom of things and feel better soon!

Paragon2Pieces said...

oh geez! as if there isn't enough to worry about. hope you start feeling better soon.

Agatha G said...

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