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Since I can't work full-time until I graduate, I need to look for ways to earn income on the side.

Both Punch Debt in the Face and Small Steps for Big Change (and I'm sure other bloggers as well) have mentioned tutoring as their side job. I doubt my skills are particularly in demand. I almost completed a minor in Biology in undergrad; otherwise, science and math are not my thing. Linguistics and English were my forte. But I'll still take a look at

If nothing pans out there, I did have an idea for a side business. I have a couple friends who always come to me before they turn in their essays - they need a reliable proof-reader, and apparently I'm it. So I thought, why not try starting a proofreading business online? It's not a novel concept, but it could bring in some profit. I've already secured the domain name, and the webpage should be easy to create.

What other options are out there for a girl with a background in psychology and law?


Anonymous said...

Definitely give it a shot at

And send me an email if you make it far enough to have a mock session. If you have a referrer I believe we both get a referral bonus. =D

That said, high school biology tutoring is EASY. I did it in college for some very fat cash.

Anonymous said...

I got my degree in psychology, but I'm a math tutor. I'm telling you as long as you can do simple algebra, there are people out there willing to pay you to do it.

Avoide the and tutoring companies, work for yourself!

ashley said...

The proofreading business is def not a bad idea! And there are probably less proofreaders out there to compete with than tutors!

Sunflowers said...

@SS4BC: Will do! I like the sound of referral bonus :D

@PDF: It's been a LONG time since I took or thought about Algebra. I could brush up on it, but WHY would someone pay me to tutor them when they have people who majored in math, or who have had math classes more recently? (the last class I took was in high school!) How did you find the people you tutor, through Craig's List?

@ashley: I hope I can make at least a little from it. :) I have to hurry up and finish the website!

Serendipity said...

I've been proofreading for money on the side for awhile lately. Alot of my coworkers have grant work due and supposedly I'm a good writer on the team. I recently posted on ad on Craigslist for some fast cash with school starting up. I like your business idea. Go with that!

Paragon2Pieces said...

LSAT prep instructor. It's been my side job for 7 years now. I LOVE it!

eemusings said...

Oooh, I'd LOVE to do some proofreading work on the site! What do you think would be the best way to get started? Maybe post some free ads online? (Don't worry - in a totally diff. country, won't be competing with you :D)

Unknown said...

I was also thinking about ways to make some cash on the side and i would have to rely on proofreading because math and science aren't my forte.

Another area you can try is law school admissions consulting.

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