January Goals

So I didn't get hardly any of my goals completed before school started... The time flew by! So now I'm going to leisurely take care of things this month. :)

All month

  1. Continue exercising daily: tennis, ddr, gym or yoga
  2. Continue doing sit-ups for 10 mins/day and 8 lb weights for 10 mins/day
  3. Continue eating healthier
  4. Continue writing my fiction novel
  5. Continue keeping the house clean and smelling good
Jan 9-10
  1. Finish watching the final 5 eps of Mad Men, season 3 It was soo good!
  2. Finish The Book on Writing Very useful book. I put a hard copy on my wish list (so I have something to highlight and tab!)
  3. Clean out closet Took forever, but it's done! :)
  4. Read last week's assignment; answer question for online class About 14 weeks (and assignments) to go!
Jan 15-18 (Mon holiday)
  1. Go to bank and make deposits Into our joint account it goes.
  2. Buy full-length mirror And M mounted it on the door :)
  3. Pick up prescription As usual, it took forever... but at least I don't have to go back for 3 months!
  4. Read last week's assignment for online class; do quiz; answer question (complete no later than midnight on Sunday) 13 weeks to go!
  5. Wash bed sheets Once the duvet cover dries, back on the bed they go! Ahh, I love sleeping on clean sheets. :)
Jan 22-25
  1. Do quiz and answer forum questions for online class 12 weeks to go...
  2. Do dishes
  3. Read at least 1 fiction book Finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella! An entertaining, fast read...
  4. Book restaurant for NY Went with a casual Cuban place in the theater district
  5. Choose paper topic for online class; write 1 pg synopsis (due by 1/28 @ midnight) Hopefully I won't have to choose something else...
  6. Make returns Had way too many...
  7. Donate clothes/shoes Need to look through M's shirts as well...
Jan 29-Feb 1
  1. Put rent check in box
  2. Revise paper topic proposal
  3. Do quiz and answer forum question for online class
  4. Read NY guidebook
  5. Do Research Assignment and email to prof
  6. Optimize Google Adsense
  7. File receipts/docs that have piled up in the bedroom
  8. Get nails done
  9. Get hair done
  10. Check NY weather, and start packing for trip
  11. Make new cd for car
  12. Make dr appointments: derm, gyno, eye (for M)
  13. Work on proofreader site (get dreamweaver?)
  14. Sell all old law books
  15. Sell some purses


Serendipity said...

Good luck with your goals and activities this month. I like how you give yourself a timeline to work with too. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your time lines too; makes the goals easier to stick to. Good luck!

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