January Goal Update

I got most of the month's goals accomplished. I still have quite a list left for the next 2 days though.

Two of the month long goals have seen neglect... I haven't been working on my story at all. :( Need to find the motivation for that. AND even more importantly, I need to 100% throw myself into my exercise routine.

Jan 29-Feb 1


  1. Check all cc accounts Nothing due til March
  2. Look into Bar Loan (Sallie Mae) Dad agreed to cosign... will have to apply for this soon.
  3. Take M's shirts back to Nordstrom; exchange blazer/pants at Macy's Finally M has a nice pair of pants and a blazer that fits!
  1. Do quiz and answer forum question for online class 11 weeks to go.
  2. Do Research Assignment and email to prof Took forever, but I'm done.
  1. Get hair done
  2. Check NY weather, and start packing for trip Packing's going well... and looks like it'll be from 32-38 (bearable, I think!)
  1. Make dr appointments: eye (for M)
  2. Do dishes One more lot, and then I'm done.


Unknown said...

Do you still want to read Life of Pi someday? I am trying to get a few people to read and discuss it in June. After that we'll read Yann Martel's upcoming book Beatrice and Virgil. Please particpate if you are interested. The dates, etc. are at http://readitsomeday.com/

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