February Goals

All month

  1. Continue exercising daily: 30 day Shred, tennis, ddr, gym or yoga
  2. Continue doing sit-ups for 10 mins/day and 8 lb weights for 10 mins/day
  3. Continue eating healthier
  4. Continue writing my fiction novel
  5. Continue keeping the house clean and smelling good
Week of Feb 22
  1. Do quiz and answer forum q by 2/28
  2. Continue working on paper - draft due March 26th
  3. Make dr appointments: derm, gyno
  4. File Taxes
  5. Review notes for all classes
  6. Go to derm appt on 2/26
  7. Sell all old law books
  8. Sell some purses
  9. Start working on paper
  10. Work on proofreader site (get dreamweaver?)
  11. Optimize Google Adsense


Revanche said...

Re Wk2: I'm so antsy for my W-2 forms so I can work on my taxes!! It shouldn't be that big a deal but I always feel like it is.

Life After Layoff said...

I like how you divided your goals into weeks. I'll do the same :)

paranoidasteroid said...

I like the week-by-week goals as well!

Anonymous said...

It'll be my first year to do my taxes!

I'm also very impressed by your orderly breakdown of the month. I don't think I'd have the discipline to follow such a schedule, but that's just me =[

*Ms.B* said...

I am impress with your break down goals. I need that type of structure in my life. lol

Selling purses Wow ... I love purses I dont think I would have as much will power for that.

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