New Year's Eve

I've been mulling the options over, and am leaning towards a nice evening out (with a multi-course meal and lots of champagne! And dancing... though I'll probably just watch :p).

As far as I can remember, M and I always stay in. We've had fun, don't get me wrong, but there's something exciting about sharing the beginning of a new year with lots of people around you. I'd love to include his and my families, but we both have siblings who are less than half our age. I'm not sure if they'd enjoy going out (or if they'd be able to stay up).

Maybe it'd be just as fun (and cheaper) to do dinner out the night before, and continue our stay at home tradition on NYE? Then we can go to sleep right after the stroke of midnight, and maybe I can get up the next morning to go to the Rose Parade!

Have any of you already made plans?


Anonymous said...

Meh, I'm working till 6 on NYE.... thinking might celebrate the day after. But that's a public holiday, and I don't wanna be paying 15% surcharge to eat out!

me in millions said...

I hate New Year's Eve. It's always a big build up to nothing special. It costs an arm and a leg to go out to the same bars that are not as expensive the night before or the night after. It's lame. The end.

paranoidasteroid said...

I sort of wish I could do something low-key for NYE. I once spent it watching The Twilight Zone with my parents after we got stuck at home due to a blizzard, and it was honestly one of my favorite years!

Sunflowers said...

@eemusings: You pay a 15% surcharge for restaurants on public holidays?? I know there are some places that are doing it for NYE (under the guise of "free champagne" and live music), but otherwise if I ever caught a restaurant doing that I would never come back.

@me in millions: I guess you've never had a fun NYE?? It's only been lame for me some years because family/friends/bfs have fallen asleep before the stroke of midnight. :p Otherwise, at least it's a great excuse to drink champagne and eat strawberries!

@paranoidasteroid: It's always low-key for me, so that's why I'm wishing for the opposite. ;)

Miss M said...

We usually stay in for New Years, unless a friend is having a party. The restaurants and clubs are overpriced and overcrowded.

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