I promised in my previous post to explain why I need to book hotels in France and Germany. Well... because I'm going with M! For two weeks!! I'm excited (many many exclamation points worth ;))!

And no, I can't afford it. Which is why my lovely lovely boy is treating me! It's our 5th anniversary in a few months, and this is his gift. :) He also feels he "owes" me for all the time he's been away (almost 5 months of him working everyday til 12 and most weekends)... It was definitely depressing me for awhile, but I've been ok lately... I know the project is coming to an end, and we've been making the most of the time together we do have.

I do feel he owes me a solid block of alone time once the project's completed, not necessarily a trip, but... who am I to argue? ;) This is a HUGE departure from our conversations/arguments in May, when he didn't want to even consider going anywhere... It's been somewhat less hectic lately, so I guess he took a moment to think about things. I'm very happy this was the outcome. :) I'm doing all the planning, trying to keep that stress away from him (he still has a few more weeks of long hours). I would love to hear your input about interesting sights to see in Paris (off-the-beaten path sights - I have all the main touristy things down)! :)

Obviously, the trip to New York is off; maybe we'll go for Valentine's Day next year? That would fit in with my 5 year plan! ;) Now the only thing left to do is find a full-time job, and lose 20 lbs!


Canadian Saver said...

Europe, how exciting!!! Please post more details :-)

How long are you staying in Paris? It might be worth renting an apartment... we were so comfortable in ours, it's the only way I'd ever go again!

Sunflowers said...

We're staying for 5 days... I found a hotel in a great location that's pretty inexpensive. Can I ask how much the apartment cost? If it's less than 150 euros, then maybe I need to look into it! :)

Miss M said...

How fun, I hope you have a lovely trip. When are you going? I haven't been to Paris so I can't recommend anything, but my current retirement dream has us moving to Europe/France. I need to improve my French first! Have fun, I love planning adventures.

Sunflowers said...

We're going in October :) I normally enjoy trip planning too, but this is leaving me feeling a little overwhelmed! I'm leaning heavily on my mom (who is european) for advice ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. You have to take pictures! I'm so jealous. I've never been able to go.

Sarah Smith said...

Hi. I was wondering how/ where you get the "goals" tab on your blog?
Thanks and good luck!

Sunflowers said...

Hi Sarah! It's actually a blogger template I found while browsing google. I think there are quite a few out there (different styles, all with top tabs already incorporated).

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