July Goals

  • Finish presentation (due 7/13)
  • Finish paper (due 7/23)
  • Schedule appointment w/gyno
  • Buy plane tickets to NY/book hotel
  • Put purses/clothes up for sale on ebay
  • Gym 2x/week (maybe swim & elliptical)
  • Swimming 2x/week (at an outdoor pool - I'm tired of being so pale!)
  • Yoga 2x/week
I'm postponing more personal training sessions at least until I start working a decent number of hours next month... I might be postponing them indefinitely. I'm going to try exercising on my own for awhile. I had a lot of fun with her, but I really can't be spending $120/mo right now. :(

The NY trip is up in the air... it depends on whether M will be done with his project before I start fall semester classes and whether I can earn enough money from my ebay sales. We'll see!!

My primary goals this month are to finish up my summer class and then really focus on exercising, reading fun books, and decorating the new apartment. :)


Hafa said...

You'll be pretty busy :)

This goal idea is actually very great thing to do and keep you reminded of priorities...I might do the same ;) Thanks for sharing :)

knight said...

I awarded you for having such a great blog. Thanks!


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