One Year

I missed my one year blogoversary by a day! Oh well. Better late than never. ;)

I've had a bit of a rough week and a half, what with losing my job and moving, and some credit card debt has begun to creep up on me again (I have to update my sidebars). But I feel very confident that I can tackle that on my own in the coming months (without large bailout loans from my bf!).

Overall, I think I'm in a better place than I was a year ago... I still love to shop, and I lust after expensive and shiny things, but I'm more aware of my limits. This blog has helped tremendously, and it's been fun to write! I hope it's been fun to read too. :) Thanks everyone, for coming along on my journey! Here's to another year of reformation... ;)


Jolie said...

oh congrats to you!! I just had mine on the fourth so we both started so close together. Congrats on one year of blogging!

FB @ said...

Happy one year :)

Simplelivin' said...

yay! Can't wait to see where the next year takes ya!

Miss M said...

Congrats on the anniversary, a lot of bloggers never make it this far. Here is to another great one to come!

ashley said...

Congrats! It's great that you can see the improvement in yourself! And you have another great (or even better) year ahead!

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