Gifts for the Boy who has Everything

I'm trying to come up with ideas for M's birthday. We're going to be in stupid Arizona for my cousin's wedding on that day, and although he hasn't complained about it, I feel a little guilty and would like to give him a nice enough present to make up for it. Not necessarily an expensive present, just something really thoughtful or useful.

But what do you give to the person who has -or can buy himself- anything? I've always found some electronic to buy him in years past, but I don't think there's anything left now. I could buy him clothes, but it's not something he cares about. He's been working nonstop the past couple months and will continue to be working until July (so he has no time for hobbies, reading, vacations, etc.... Well, what he does at work - programming/3d modeling - IS also a hobby... probably one of the reasons he's been able to work so much and not get burned out).

I should also point out that he doesn't really like vacations... he would prefer to be at home with me watching a movie or playing a game. (Note that we have Netflix, and any game he'd like to play is purchased before it's been released)

Can anyone offer any suggestions?? Unique, thoughtful gifts? Or new, interesting electronics?


FB @ said...

Wow, no help here from me

Unless he likes to use a lot of double A batteries, USBCell sells USB-charged double A's

Or Squid Power strip (better than a regular power bar because it fits all sizes of plugs)

Maybe an iGo charger? YOu just get the charger, and buy the tips -- super easy to charge everything with one charger..

Those are practical things I own.

Or a Belkin travel charger with 2 USB sections -- it's a mini power strip you plug into the wall

Sunflowers said...

@FB: We have a lot of power squids... I have an iGo charger in my car... the belkin travel charger might be a good idea! I'll look into that. :) Thanks!

Serendipity said...

I'm not sure what your decorating scheme is, but what about one of his favorite movie posters framed? Rambo is a big Sylvester Stallone fan peorid so over the years hes collected some Rocky posters from me.

Sunflowers said...

@Serendipity: That's a good idea... except he doesn't really have a favorite movie (he likes movies, but doesn't love them). He does have favorite games though (and games he's worked on) and we have framed posters of those. :)

hustler said...

I like to peruse Maybe look on eBay for something from his childhood. And as always, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
I recently got a family member who has everything a waterpic and some memory foam contour pillows.

Revanche said...

Does it violate your gifting policy to just do something really nice for him? Dinner and a massage?

You said he likes to hang out with you, perhaps you can arrange a nice date night? (or is that too normal?)

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I always liked getting tshirts for my birthday. If he likes gaming, a tshirt with a game on it. Sports = a tshirt with a sports team on it. Movies = a tshirt with a movie on it. Comics = etc...

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