Bank of America Fees

I think I have to switch to another bank. Starting in a few weeks, Bofa is going to be charging $8.95/mo to every checking account that doesn't have direct deposit and doesn't maintain a daily balance of at least $1500. My old job had direct deposit, my new job does not... which really sucks. I have 3 checking accounts with them, so doesn't that mean I'll be charged nearly $30/mo?? Can anyone recommend a bank that doesn't have stupid fees like this?

In response to the comments - I've never had any bad service with Bofa, and I like having all my accounts in one place (I have two credit cards with them). I like that I can go to any of their ATMs and it's about 3 mins to do any kind of deposit (and I get a scan of my check on the receipt!). I like that their banks/ATMs are all over the place.

I have an account with a credit union where I used to live, and I was happy with them while I was there, but now, with ATMs and banks 50 miles away, they're worthless. M and I may move out of state in a year, and I don't really want to change banks again. So, I'm going to take Shtinkykat's advice and ask Bofa if a regularly scheduled deposit from another bank account will count as a direct deposit. If, after a lively argument, they won't work with me, then I guess I'll head to a credit union - I have 2 to choose from, both with crap branch locations.

It's too bad ING doesn't offer checking accounts - they have a branch not too far from here.


Jake from Debt Sucks said...

Wachovia, which is where I'm at right now, or, a credit union. BofA has always been pretty worthless.

Shtinkykat said...

You may want to contact BofA to confirm this, but I've heard that if you have a regularly scheduled deposit from another bank account (e.g., $1/month from ING account), that would count towards the direct deposit requirement. If this doesn't resolve it, then I suggest your local credit union.

DogAteMyFinances said...

Good riddance!!!!

I use the Fidelity checking thing, it's called Mysmartcash. It refunds all ATMs, anywhere in the world, no fees, fantastic bill pay, keeps my cash in money market to earn tons of interest, great customer service. LOVE! The only problem is you can't cash physical checks because there are no branches.

So, I have a local credit union for that. I leave a hundred bucks in there, and I support a local institution. Credit unions have a union of ATMs, so you can use any credit union ATM, usually.

Serendipity said...

WellsFargo is a good bank. It doesn't hurt to belong to a credit union as well. I'm going to be opening an account with them soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Capital One Bank - no minimum account balance, no direct deposit, no monthly fees. Can't say much about the ATM stuff because I haven't used one in 6 years (cash biz). Don't have any comment on customer service because I've never needed anything taken care of.

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