Wait... What??

My credit score increased... yet again. This is the third time in two weeks! I'm kind of... suspicious. I mean, I'm happy, but... can that be right?? This is coming from Credit Karma; I'll have to check my real credit report soon.

Suspicion aside....... I'm now at 716! *happy dance* :D Getting to 700 was one of my goals for 2009, so I'm thrilled I can cross it off the list!


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome!! Do you pay for Credit Karma?? I may need to set that up! I just closed like 8 accounts at once. Ouch.

Sunflowers said...

No, it's free! :) I would definitely check it out.

Shtinkykat said...

I suspect that old, potentially negative, information is falling off. But great news is great news. I need to check my FICO score soon too. :-P

Sunflowers said...

I wish it was that old... one entry is from late 2007, and the other is from mid-08. So I still have many years to go before it drops off. And I just got a letter from the mid-08 one in which they refuse to remove it. :P But maybe Macy's decided to let it go??

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