Another Credit Score Increase!

I know I just checked Credit Karma a few days ago, but I got the urge to check it again. I'm glad I did, because my score increased another 20 points! I'm now at 686! I'm really thrilled!!! (hence all the exclamation points ;)) I think I can make it to 700 this year!

I should be thanking M, because this is really because of him. (Good thing I picked up lots of Jelly Babies and Easter candy today! It can be a little present ;))

This may also be partially because Macy's or Capital One decided to play nice? (I sent them letters requesting they remove the negative marks they left on my reports)

Well, whatever the reason, it's great news. :)


Shtinkykat said...

Yeay for increased credit score! Hope you and M enjoy biting off those chocolate bunny ears! :-D

Sunflowers said...

Bunnies and cadbury eggs! Easter is so tasty! ;D

Little Miss Moneybags said...

In case you weren't following comments, I answered your question about laser hair removal over at my blog. Let me know if you have more questions!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks Little Miss Moneybags! :)

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