MPRE Results

...I failed. By 3 freaking points! Argh. I guess I'm not ethical enough yet. :p

So I'm all set to retake it in August... another $60 down the drain. I bought a Professional Responsibility prep book for my class final (which we were told is going to be exactly like the MPRE), so that should come in handy for the re-take as well.

Oh well. At least I'm almost ethical. ;)


Serendipity said...

that sucks. but, in optimistic views, at least you now know what to expect. but your gonna rock it next time, I just know it!

Sunflowers said...

Very true! And considering I didn't study AT ALL for it... that score isn't half-bad. ;)

Shtinkykat said...

Ack. I HATED the MPREs! But don't worry, it just means that with a wee-bit more effort, you'll do fine next time.

Sallie's Niece said...

I failed my first two times. :-(
At least you're taking it now while you're still in school unlike me who had to wait to get admitted because of that stinker of a test. Good luck the second time around. Do as many practice questions as possible.

Miss M said...

That sucks, are there any ramifications or do you simply have to retake it? In my career the professional exam includes a take home ethics test, which I forgot to do! I got a notice that I passed all my exams but they couldn't award my license until I completed the ethics test, doh.

Sunflowers said...

No, no ramifications... other than for my wallet. ;) I can re-take it as many times as I want. I just can't be admitted to the Bar until I pass. Hopefully that'll be on the next try!!

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