Wedding Bells

A long overdue update - I'm getting married (to H), paying off my credit card debt in full, and buying a house! WOW... how different things can be in two years time. That's all I'll say for now - I feel like life has been moving at warp speed. But enjoying every moment of it! :)

Last Year of My 20s

I'm turning 30 this year. I'm excited for everything yet to come - the small things: birthday party, new friends, spending more time with old friends, trips; and the big things: new job (or renewed commitment to my current job), engagement, marriage, new house, kids. I'm trying not to feel incredibly impatient for this year to end, but it's proving difficult. I feel like after this year I can put a lot of unhappiness firmly behind me (fresh start!). I'm feeling very optimistic and bright-eyed about the future.

I'm still hopeful I can have $5k saved up by the end of the year (at least). I'm going on an eBay blitz today, and possibly a Facebook one as well - selling whatever I can. The goal is to get to 10k, and then throw everything extra at my credit cards. I know that's not an approach everyone can get behind, but I want a peace of mind cushion. I think both my and H's jobs are stable, but you never know.

It's hard for me to find time for this blog. I feel like I have very little time as it is, and sometimes everything I want to get done overwhelms me (that's when I need to plop myself in front of the tv and watch something mindless!). But I do think this blog keeps me on track and keeps me honest, so I'll try to put the effort in to keep it going. That may still mean posts every couple months, but better than nothing! Thanks again for coming along on my journey... I'm happy to see so many of you still around after all these years. :)


 I'm back! Again. Sorry for the long silences. Work is crazy, I moved, I vacationed... life stuff.

In the next four months, I'd like to get my savings up to $5,000. Realistic? I don't know. The commission part of my job is a fickle thing - but I'll try my hardest. :) I'll also be visiting the UK this Christmas - meeting the final parts of H's family. Excited!

It's been a rollercoaster at work the past couple months- but I'm currently feeling optimistic about everything. Yay!

Another Update

I promise I'll get back to posting more regularly. I should be moved into my new place with H by the end of July, and then things won't be so hectic and out of sorts.

H and I have been back together for almost 4 months. We're talking about marriage, kids, the whole deal. He says he's 100% in this, and I've finally started to believe him. I'm moving towards a solid home life with the person I love, and that's very, very exciting.

I'm hopeful that getting the new place and feeling more settled will get me back on track in the finances department. He and I have also talked about setting up a household budget, saving, all of that. Separately, I just need to become more vigilant about my credit card debt. Stay tuned.

How is life out in the blogosphere?

Back Again

Hey guys! I'm alive! :)

I am:

  • still living with a bunch of roommates
  • still at my (not so new) job
  • apparently getting back together with H (He approached me at the beginning of the year and told me he made a mistake... Re-starting things slowly and seeing where it takes us)
Stay tuned! I'm going to do my taxes and then getting back on the budgeting train.

Much love to everyone still reading.

Checking In

This has been the craziest two years of my life... ever. I'm single once again, living in a house shared with two others (with all my stuff mostly still packed and stored in the downstairs bedroom), two months into my new job. I'm having a bit of an "existential crisis" right now (labeled thusly by M), but I'm trying to be strong and happy and secure. In all honesty, I really miss H and our lovely home... :(

My finances, like my life, are kind of all over the place right now. I should be getting the security deposit back from the old place pretty soon. Once that comes in and my life has (hopefully) returned to normal, I'll do a status update on my debt.

Hope everyone is well! Thanks to all my followers for sticking around!

Vacation Time!

I feel totally rundown from training the new guy for the past week... I have a bit of a groggy throat, but I'm really, really hoping I'm not coming down with anything. I'm going to spend some time resting and reading today, but then have a ton of stuff on my to-do list... We have a wedding this weekend, and friends coming to stay with us. And I need to get myself mentally and physically prepared for the new job! Less than a week to go.

1) Finish The Hunger Games. Done! Try to find time to read something else too, maybe at the beach.
2) Get some tanning in at the beach.
3) Buy some new work clothes (unfortunately, everyone at my new job is very smartly dressed... I'll need at least one suit and one blouse. Looking for these at bargain prices!)
4) Clean the house.
5) Organize the closet/bookcase/bedroom.
6) Sell and/or return anything I can.
7) Do all the laundry.
8) Get eyebrows done. Done!
9) Get a pedicure. Done!
10) Get a haircut.

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