Life Update

Well hello there! How is everyone doing in the blogosphere? Quick life update - I have been at my "new" job for about eight months now (it is SO much better than my previous gig), have been married for a year and a half, and have owned our house for just over a year (got a new roof recently - that deserves its own post). We have a new puppy, and baby plans for next year! Time is flying.

I have lots of money related things I'd like to write about, including the aforementioned roof/other house related things, and our impending duplex purchase (to serve as a rental and a home for a relative). The latter is a terrifying thing that I'm still biting my knuckles over. Who out there has purchased an investment property duplex and how did that turn out for you?

I hope to get back to regularly writing... miss this blog, and all of you!


Jolie said...

Good to hear from you. Glad to know things are moving along in your life.

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