In Escrow

The wedding was amazing! I hope to post one or two pics (with blurred faces ;)) once the photographer gives her set to us. I had hoped to get some time to relax, but we plunged headlong into the house search again (the housing market in our area is really tight) and found something... but it's verging on a fixer-upper and we had initially promised ourselves we wouldn't go for that.

We had the inspection over the weekend and discovered some good, some bad -

  1. Sewer is a-ok
  2. Roof needs to be replaced (not a surprise)
  3. Garage was shoddily constructed
  4. The additions are likely not permitted
This is not a comprehensive list above, obviously. This house can't really be called a fixer-upper, but it definitely hasn't been upgraded. Price is good for the area though.

Who out there has dealt with a real fixer-upper and what has your experience been? What about those who have purchased a house with unpermitted additions? Not a big deal?

In any event, this is an exciting time in my and H's life!! :)


ND Chic said...

Wow! You have a lot going on. Congrats on your marriage!

I have never dealt with a fixer upper before so j don't have any advice for you on that.

Anonymous said...

We are in escrow too!

Just opinions here, as we have limited experience too

Additions not permitted: depends on what they are, but probably not a big deal. What did your realator say? Two things could happen: 1) shoddy work 2) the city notices the addition and makes you buy the permits. Here (and likely all over CA), a permit triggers a reassessment of property, and people's taxes go up. It's a big disincentive to do things with permits. I'd be more worried about 1 than 2, esp. given the garage. You could ask permission for an intrusive inspection and have someone verify the electrical and such looks good.

We don't have a fixer upper, per se, but we have some projects we'd like to do.

Paragon2Pieces said...

Haven't dealt with a fixer upper but wanted to pop in and say congratulations. Happy to hear that you've been experiencing these big milestones :)

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