Back Again

Hey guys! I'm alive! :)

I am:

  • still living with a bunch of roommates
  • still at my (not so new) job
  • apparently getting back together with H (He approached me at the beginning of the year and told me he made a mistake... Re-starting things slowly and seeing where it takes us)
Stay tuned! I'm going to do my taxes and then getting back on the budgeting train.

Much love to everyone still reading.


ND Chic said...

It's good to hear that you're doing okay. I was wondering what you were up to. Thanks for updating us :)

jeweliette23 said...

Hi! I started following your blog right before you disappeared. Welcome back! I'm also blogging about paying down my law school debt (while loving shopping) so please check me out. :)

B. (Below Her Means) said...

I wish you would blog more regularly!

Ginger Snap said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scott grin said...

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scott grin said...

I wish you would blog more regularly!
Hochzeit Feiern

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