April Goals

Spring Break Goals, 4/4-4/12 (I can't wait for my week off!!! But... the school cut down our reading period (making it, oh, 3 days :p), so this basically is the only solid block of time I'll get to study for finals. Classes end 4/23, and my first final is 4/29. SIGH -_-)

  • Finish memo
  • Get completely caught up on W&T reading
  • Read E&E for Marital Property
  • Read MPRE Review to prepare for EL exam
  • Go to the gym or yoga every day
  • Put things up for sale on ebay
  • Scrub the bathroom and kitchen
  • Apply to any semi-desirable jobs
Goals for the rest of April
  • Devote one full day to studying every week (M, F, or weekend).
  • Feel like I'm on top of the material for all my classes by the end of the month.
  • Go to yoga (at least) 1x/week
  • Go to the gym (at least) 2x/week
  • Do some type of exercise for 30 mins daily - Wii Fit, DDR, exercise bike, biking, running
  • Continue to only spend $200 on food.
  • Continue to check job postings 1x/week.
  • Continue following skin and teeth regimen.
  • Go to the gynecologist... once I find one I like.


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