Productivity feels good

The house is nearly clean... just have some receipts to file away, the bathroom to organize, and some trash to throw out, and I'm DONE. I found a place to to take all our empty boxes - a recycling center that's open 24-7! We actually have three different ones in close proximity to us, so it was much easier than I thought it would be to get rid of everything.

I would like to eventually scan in all my receipts and throw away the paper copies... I keep them in filing boxes right now, but I have at least 7 of them and they take up way too much room. Scanning all that is going to be a major undertaking though... I think I'll have to save it until spring break.

I now have two days to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Change my health plan to a HMO & dental plan to a PPO
  2. Write letters to Macy's and Capital One requesting that the negative marks be removed from my credit report (has anyone ever done this before? Is it hopeless? They're both re: late payments, but neither are entirely my fault)
  3. Access my 401k (I haven't checked this since I quit my job 6+ mos ago)
  4. Put my old books for sale on Amazon
  5. Put my bf's keyboard, an autographed book, and at least one purse for sale on Ebay
The video game my bf and I have been playing will be finished tonight, so it won't be distracting me anymore. ;) If anyone's interested, the game is Persona 4 (a RPG, or role-playing game), and I LOVE it. It's a long game (almost 100 hours), but so engrossing, you don't notice the time passing... the voice actors are awesome, probably the best I've ever heard, and the story has everything you'd want - humor, romance, mystery, drama, depth... I could go on and on raving about it, but I'll just say this - had I paid for it (my bf and I got it as a Christmas present from his little sister), it would have been the best $50 I had ever spent on entertainment. Way more worth it than any movie.


Tiffanie said...

that's funny...i'm going in on half with one of my friends to buy that game for one of our OTHER friends for his birthday next week. :) glad to hear it's so good!

Simplelivin' said...

OOo I hate (and by hate I really mean love) games like that because I get so addicted and nothing gets done! Great job on getting your place cleaned up!
Good luck on your to do list!

Miss M said...

I love productive days too! Yesterday we got a bunch of house repairs done before lunch, it felt great. Too bad I have to work today, there was still more to do.

Sunflowers said...

@Tiffanie: He should love it! Although... I don't think I would have enjoyed it quite as much if I hadn't had someone to play it with. Sometimes you need a break from all the battles. You guys should go over and play it with him! ;)

@Simplelivin: Yeah, it's definitely addicting! And we still didn't finish it last night! ack. But I'm secretly happy... I almost don't want it to end. ;)

@Miss M: I need to learn how to do house repairs... it would be a huge help, since our landlord takes forever to fix anything. And since he sends random guys he finds on the street to do the fixing, I'm pretty sure we could do a better (or at least comparable) job!!

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