In Limbo

I feel a bit financially in limbo right now. My Mastercard that had a $0 balance in the beginning of December now has a $700 balance. BUT I'm waiting for all the returns I mailed in to go through, and I recently received several hundred dollars for Christmas/birthday (currently sitting in my savings account). I have a $200 charge for school books sitting on my Visa. BUT I have my old books to sell on Amazon to offset the cost. I only have $200 left in my checking. BUT I'm getting a $11k loan payment on Friday.

So I'm not sure where things stand right now. I'm pretty sure that once the returns go through and I use my gift money that I can get the Mastercard balance back down to zero. And all the purchases were within 20 days, so I think I'm safe from interest charges.

How did I wrack up that balance? I bought a rice cooker (gave our old one to my relative), a pots and pans set (also gave our old ones to my relative), paid for my creative writing class, and got a haircut/dye the day before my birthday party. And the rest is all clothing (which is being returned).

I can't say I feel entirely guilty about what I bought (other than the clothing, which is why I'm returning it. I fell victim to a 33% off coupon), but I should have waited until I had cash.

Hopefully when all is said and done, and I update my sidebar on Saturday (after I've made my payments), it'll still show progress being made on my debt!


H.E.A. said...

Was just looking through your "books" list and thought of my favorite books. You may or may not have read them...

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
The Count of Monte Cristo
Dante's Inferno (tough read but really good)

Sunflowers said...

Brandi - I read Dante's Inferno for some English class... but it was a long time ago, and I doubt I appreciated it much. ;) I'll give it a go again! The Count of Monte Cristo I've seen as a movie, but never read. And I haven't heard of Redeeming Love. I'll look for them on Amazon! Thanks. :)

Shtinkykat said...

I think we've all fallen victim to the X% off sales. I'm proud that you're going to return the clothes. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll pay off the cc in full this month. :-D

Miss M said...

Hey at least you recognize you overspent and are returning the clothes. I've had second thoughts before too, and damn those coupons. They can be so alluring.

Anonymous said...

I think Decemberwas pretty bad for all of us! It sounds like you bought reasonable stuff (and good for you returning the clothes! Usually my regretted purchases stay in my closet, where I can look at them and feel angry).

Anyway, better financial limbo than financial hell!

Sunflowers said...

@Shtinkykat: I have to admit, a lot of the clothes didn't fit, so it made taking them back MUCH easier. ;p

@Miss M: It's an online store and online coupons... made the temptation even stronger!

@paranoidasteroid: very true! ;)

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