Delicious Weekend!

Delicious because of all the tasty food I've eaten the past couple days! For those of you in Los Angeles, we have something called DineLA going on right now (until February 8th) . Basically, you get a 3 course meal for around 50% off from some of the top restaurants in and around LA.

M and I have been doing a LOT of cooking recently, so I thought it was time to give ourselves a break and indulge in some (discounted!) fine dining. M also got a promotion/raise last week, so I wanted to take him out to celebrate.

Today, I had the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life... omakase (chef's choice) style... so the buttery deliciousness just kept coming and coming. Even better, it was free! My dad (super generously, because it was really expensive) treated me. It wasn't on the DineLA list, but I've been wanting to visit forever.

Next week M and I are going to try one more place before DineLA ends... I better get to picking! I'm excited. I love trying new places!


Anonymous said...

Is this the beginning of the "DineLA" concept? Because we used to get "Restaurant Week" in NYC during the tourism off-season (like now), but now it runs several times a year and is more tourist-season friendly. As the event spread, restaurants started producing special menus for it so that you'd get smaller portions and few or none of the options that you'd normally go to that particular restaurant for. Suddenly that $20 lunch or $35 dinner isn't such a deal any longer. So if you're lucky enough to still be in the early days, you'll be scooping up some great food for great prices - I envy you!

Sunflowers said...

@Kate - I know it ran last year, but this is the first year I've heard about it. I'm not sure when it started. It is a special menu - you get three choices each for appetizer, entree, and dessert. But at least at the restaurant we went to Thursday night, everything was delicious! And I kind of like having the choices narrowed down for me... then it's not so difficult to choose something new and different. :)

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