Cleaning Frenzy

I've been on a total cleaning kick the past couple of days. Now that my relative's completely moved out, I want the apartment to be back under my control (um, and my bf's control... though thankfully, he doesn't want any :p). Our biggest problem is empty boxes - they're EVERYWHERE. I was going to flatten them and bring them down to our trash, but I know only a fraction of them will fit (and I don't really want bf and I to be the trash-filling-culprits). Does anyone have an idea of where I could take them? Maybe a recycling center? I did a search on google and found someone who mentioned renting a trash container... but I'd rather keep the boxes than spend money getting rid of them. My dad's coming over to visit tonight, so if I don't find a place to take them, they'll have to temporarily be hidden away back in the closets.

Last night, I started sifting through my closet to find clothes to donate. I found quite a few that either no longer fit or I never wear, so those went straight in the bag. I'm looking forward to freeing up the room in the closet! I also had bf search through his surprisingly large pile of jeans (about half of which didn't fit, and he knew they didn't fit, he'd just bought new ones to replace them and never bothered getting rid of the old ones). I found a really easy way to donate too - a large donation box stationed outside our local grocery store.

Hopefully I can get the apartment completely cleaned and organized by next week. I found out I don't start school/work until Wednesday, so I have a little more time - what a relief!


Jolie said...

Isn't cleaning cathartic?? It always gives me such a feeling of empowerment to be more organized and also to give good things I don't use any longer to someone who can. You're on a roll for 2009!

Sunflowers said...

@Jolie: Absolutely! :) I feel like I've made a lot of progress too... which is great, because I don't want this stuff hanging over me once school starts!

Miss FI said...

Hi, I just found your blog and enjoyed reading through some of your older posts. Congrats on your commitment to get debt free! I'm in a really similar boat, law student with credit card debt (and student loans from lawschool AND undergrad, but not thinking about those)...and on a mission to get rid of it all!

Question for you, kind of did you do the debt trackers in your sidebar? the ones that show the progress you've made? I'd like to do something like that on my blog, but can't figure out how - technology is NOT my thing, lol :)

Good luck with the new semester!

Sunflowers said...

@Miss FI: Thanks for stopping by! :) I left a comment on your blog about the trackers!

FB @ said...

Don't forget to make a note of everything you have in there according to a donation blue book and you can write off the taxes on it :)

For example 10 shirts at $2 in value is $20 you can put in your tax return to say that you donated.

I'm doing this in Jan.

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...

Anonymous said...

It must be that time of year, as I did the same thing just yesterday. I'd had a bag of clothes to donate sitting there half-full for a couple of weeks, & I decided to finish it off yesterday. It felt good to go thru & fill up the bag.

PS-Just found your blog today, and I really am enjoying it! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...
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Sunflowers said...

@FB: Thanks for reminding me! :)

@Jools: Glad you found my blog! :)

Maybe donating should become my New Years tradition... it really does feel great! Out with the old, in with the new (well, no new clothes for awhile. But at least I have room for them ;))

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