Last Weekend of Freedom Comes to a Close...

It's already next weekend that I have to get back to studying! I feel like I've been really unproductive... I know it's my vacation and I'm allowed to relax and have some fun, but this is the only period without school or work I'll have for a looooong time. So I want to squeeze all I can out of it! But I notice the more pressure I put on myself to be productive, the less productive I end up being! Vicious cycle.

I have gotten some things taken care of... but unfortunately they involved spending money. The latest expenditure was a new set of pots and pans (the old ones were literally falling apart - the handle came off of a couple!). We bought the old ones at Ross; this time I bought a nice, dishwasher safe, stainless steel set from Amazon. It was 3x the price of the Ross set, but I want them to last... hopefully 5+ years (is that a stretch?). I also bought t-discs to go with the Tassimo beverage maker I got for Christmas (that I decided to keep). And I want to buy new sheets... and a coffee table, which I've been lusting over for the past year. But I'm trying to talk myself out of it.

With or without the purchase of a coffee table, I'm dreading reviewing my budget for December. It's going to look terrible! Thinking about that and having to push myself back into law school mode are making me want to eat all the chocolate in the house. And there's a lot, thanks to Christmas. Sigh...


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