Final Review of December Goals

With only a couple days left in the month, I thought I'd take a final look at my goals, see how many I've accomplished and how many I have left... and figure out a plan to effectively tackle them all before next Thursday!

I took care of
all my Christmas and School goals. I dropped one class and substituted it for a volunteer program that will give me 1 credit, let me do some good for the community, and won't require any papers or exams. I also signed up for a 6 week writer's workshop class (to hone my creative writing skills, and to let me have some fun again with school. Because law + school doesn't spell fun... it spells hell. Ha..ha. :p)

I've done ZERO exercise the past week... with my bf being on vacation (and it being so cold), I don't feel compelled to exercise... I want to snuggle! But I need to tear myself away from the cozy bed and laziness, and at least try to get on the exercise bike daily.

They're the same goals I posted last week, just broken down in days. The finance related goals are in green.

Note: I'll be keeping a running update of these goals over the next week...

  1. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins & continue reading Twilight -- Failed! I did have a productive day... helping my relative move more stuff into her new place, and a few hours playing video games (hey, a girl's gotta relax ;)).
  1. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins & finish reading Twilight. -- Failed! Spent most of the day with my dad, and the other half playing video games.
  2. Go to yoga. -- Failed!
  1. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins & start reading Air.
  2. Go to the gym.
Note: I've been pushing most of my goals down... because I've been so busy helping my relative move and... well, playing video games. heh. I still have two more days!! I think I can finish everything up... I hope?!
  1. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins & continue reading Air.
  2. Go to the gym.
  3. Go to yoga.
Another day of helping my relative move (who knew she had so much stuff!!), and playing video games. I might have to push some of these goals to after New Year's... At least I still have a couple days of vacation left!
  1. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins & finish Twilight. -- Failed. The no exercise streak continues. :p
  2. Have the carpets cleaned (I'm going to hold off on this goal for now; the carpets may not need it) and assess the lighting problems in our second bedroom. DONE wrote a letter to landlord asking him to send electrician
  3. Confirm how many hours I will be working during spring semester. DONE
December Goals now January Goals...
  1. Clean the house, organize loose papers, get rid of excess. Working on it
  1. Return Revolve purchases. DONE
  2. Clean out closet and donate clothes. DONE
  1. Return shoes to DONE
  1. Clean the house, organize loose papers, get rid of excess. DONE
  2. Sell all my books from this term on Amazon, Ebay, or
  3. Switch Dental HMO to PPO & Health PPO to HMO. DONE
  4. Call and/or write Macy's and Capital One re: removing negative marks from credit reports
  5. Buy new contacts (6 month supply). Maybe go in for an eye exam?
  6. Get my glasses fixed at Lenscrafters (I need them tightened and a scratch to be removed)
  7. Finish Twilight. -- I'm giving up on this! Ugh. It's too much of a chore... On to better books!
"Plan a exercise/blogging/studying schedule for Jan and Feb, and another one from March onwards if I go back to working full-time." --> this is a goal I'm going to work on right now! :)


Canadian Saver said...

I love how you have your list broken down into days!!

I'm adding you to my blogroll :-) Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Miss M said...

Glad you had a merry christmas, santa brought me a cold! I finally take a vacation and instead get sick. I like your daily goals, I might have to try that system soon. I have really slacked on going to the gym lately, though I have an excuse right now, he he.

Sunflowers said...

@Canadian Saver: I love lists! ;) Thanks for adding me, and for reading! :)

@Miss M: I hope you feel better! :( I used to get sick pretty much every year around mid-December... I think being a hermit during finals (I usually go to the library and expose myself to the student germs) and taking lots of vitamins is what saved me this year. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like your daily goals too. I have to put them in weekly goals because some days I don't do anything productive.

Sunflowers said...

@Moving on up: Yeah, I've been having a lot of those unproductive days... they've been fun though. ;)

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