Today's Spending

I spent a little bit of money today. I took my friend out to lunch (she had paid for my meals earlier in the month and I wanted to pay her back), and we were planning to go to yoga, but the class was full, so we went to the movies instead. I don't go to the movies very often anymore, so the prices always shock me. Over $11 for a matinee??

Here's what I spent today:
$2 parking
$11.75 movies
$42.18 lunch
= $55.93

I'm going to update my budget again to factor in entertainment. I have a bit of a cushion (to accommodate miscellaneous spending), but I should figure out exactly how much I have and exactly how much I can spend.


Bayjb said...

That was nice of you to take you friend out to lunch. Totally worth it.

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