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I went to the mall today to use a Macy's gift card (I got Lancome eye makeup remove and makeup primer), and as I was browsing the other stores a few things caught my eye. I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of things I'd like to buy in the next few months/years (maybe things I'll never buy, but just lust over a bit ;))

Health & Beauty

  • Vince Paper Leather Jacket
  • Royal blue, pink, white and brown cardigans
  • Black Mini Skirt
  • Black Thigh Highs
  • Black belt (to be paired with colored dresses)
  • Black Knee Highs
  • Colored Tights
  • Gunmetal/gray heels
  • Red heels
  • Red flats... like these Choos!


Bayjb said...

Hi yes I'll take one of all these things too thanks. The new J.Crew catalog came yesterday and they torture me with the prefect prepiness that I can't have!

Meg said...

Ooooh, that dress is amazing... -ly expensive. Heh, ouch on that price! I can't imagine paying so much for one thing I wouldn't wear very often... (At least my Coach bag goes with me everywhere when I go out!)

If I started a list like that, it'd always be a mile long... I keep myself limited on purpose. :) (Though I continue lusting over a specific pair of Seven jeans... Sigh, I'm almost done convincing myself that $200 jeans will make me feel better than my $20 ones.)

Sunflowers said...

@bayjb: lol, I know!! I love J. Crew!

@foxie: Yeah, NL's stuff is a bit overpriced... but it fits me sooo well! I wouldn't feel bad paying $500+ for a great quality, perfectly fitting dress... as long as the piece is timeless. :)

As for the $200 jeans... umm, I have a closet full, so you shouldn't ask me. ;) I will say that my A pockets still fit me as well as they did the first day I bought them. The Sevens go on sale pretty often, so if you do decide to buy them, do it at a discount! :) I don't know if you've heard of Shop It To Me (http://www.shopittome.com/?refID=salemail), but if you sign up, you can get the sales sent straight to your inbox!

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