Update on Finances

Today and tomorrow, I'm taking back the following purchases:
$267 (Bloomies)
$1038 (Nordies)
$139 (shoes.com)
$130 (shoes.com)
= $1574.00

That will immediately go to my Mastercard, leaving me a balance of $6748. I'll also apply the earnings from the bag I sold ($2400), leaving me with a final balance of $4348.

I may next try to sell a few more bags. These are the ones I'm thinking of selling, and what I hope to get for them:
Coach Ergo Satchel ($400 -- break even)
Coach Swingpack ($80 -- break even)
Rafe Joy Long Clutch ($200 -- $50 loss)
Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Emerald ($400 -- break even)
RM Nikki in Iris ($575 -- $100 profit!)
Tylie Malibu Utility in White Leather ($250 -- $50 loss)
= $1905.00

(yes, I have alot of bags! but other than black, I only have one for every color of the rainbow. Does that make me less crazy?? ;))

We'll see if I'm able to sell for that price, and if I'm able to let them go. One way or another, this card will be paid off by the end of September.


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