Cancel the gym?

I'm thinking about canceling my gym membership. I go, at the most, a couple times every 3 months. I know I would go more if I had a workout buddy, but my only friend with the same membership lives too far away to get together frequently. I used to go nearly every night, but I think it was because I needed an escape from my living situation, and also, I had a lot more time then (only work, as opposed to work and school).

I have an exercise bike and an elliptical machine (which squeaks and drives me crazy! but I probably just need to spray it with something) at home... I can probably get by with just those. Though I find the gym very motivating (when I actually get my butt over there), and don't have the typical home distractions that have me quitting my workout after 15 minutes.

I'm wasting $38 per month by not going! I guess I'm still hesitant about canceling because I don't want to have to pay those ridiculous initiation fees again, if in the future I realize I need the gym to get me in shape. I was originally going to freeze my membership for 6 months, so I'd have some time to think about it, but they've changed their policies, and now you can only do it for a "valid reason" (i.e. medical, leaving the country, ect)! :(

So, I'm not sure what to do. I suppose I'll make an effort to try to go to the gym this month, and if that fails, cancel. At least canceling is easy - a couple steps, all online. I hate talking to their reps! They're unpleasant and pushy.


QL girl said...

Do they have classes, or just equipment? For example, I know a lot of gyms around here have belly dancing, Zumba, yoga, pilates, etc. If yours does, I'd take advantage of that! In my case I only used the track and the elliptical while in school....I could've done that outside (or at home if I had the elliptical), and I would've never paid extra for it. It was included with tuition though. Which brings me to....

Does your school have a gym you're already paying for with tuition and fees? Check it out, and maybe you can use a gym for free.

Sunflowers said...

My school's main campus has a gym, but it's not included in our tuition, and it's a bit of a drive. The SBA for the law school campus has been REALLY pushing for our own gym, but I don't know if that'll happen in the next 1.5 yrs that I'm there (or ever!). :( We're paying so much, you'd think they'd at least give us that!

I belonged to 24 Hr Fitness Sport, and they had a few classes (always packed), and a swimming pool. But mostly I did the bike/elliptical. So I canceled the gym, and am now doing (well, trying to do) the bike at home, yoga for free at a local studio, tennis with my friend, and occasional swimming at my other friend's apartment complex. :)

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